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The quality of your website, be it graphically as well as in terms of content, reflects the quality of your service. Although advertising on social networks is a welcome and usually a good marketing decision, 80% of customers check the company and its activity by visiting the company’s website, where they decide on further activity.

Let me help you set up a graphically and content-perfect website the way your business deserves. Address your customers with a short and clear message, as your customers value honesty and quality.

Your new website can come to life within 2-5 days. It will be equipped with all the necessary forms for full functionality and communication with your customers. With it, you can also get a new e-mail address with the initials info @ …, and the site itself will be equipped and graphically placed on modern guidelines that apply in the world of web designers and programmers.

Do you have a website that no longer serves you because of content that is no longer current? Maybe the responsiveness of your website is too slow and you are losing customers? Would you like to change the graphic image of the page? Need new web content? I can arrange all this for you. Present your wishes to me, I advise you, suggest and carry out the renovation of your website.


If you also offer items and services in a foreign market, then you probably want your customer to have the option to change the language on the website. Such a website is called a multilingual website. I can make that one for you.

Nowadays, an online store is already the standard of a website of a company that offers products or services on the market. I set up an online store with up to 50 different products for you. With it, you can offer your offer all over the world, or you can focus only on selected countries.

Website administration

If you are unfamiliar with the program or simply do not have enough time to edit and refresh your website, you can entrust the site administration to me.

It is also important for a website to be found through Google search engine. There are several ways to achieve a good position in the search engine, one of which is to optimize the website with keywords. Which means that we enter keywords into the optimization with which our customers will search for us.

Satisfied customers

“Matjaž approached the creation of the website quickly and efficiently. He took into account all my wishes, advised me and always strived for quality.”



I entrusted Matjaž with the renovation of my website, which has been running since … now it is like new and at a good price. Thanks!



Mr. Matjaž started making a website in a flash and surprised us all in the company with its quality and responsiveness. I recommend!




Give your business a new push.

A website is a platform of information with which you present yourself to the world. Whether it is a business or just a hobby, your services or products deserve to be presented in a quality and realistic image.


I create a fully functional website for you, tailored to your needs. I connect the page to the Google search engine, install an SSL certificate, equip it with basic SEO optimization and a contact as well as a “subscribe” form.


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